Sony PSP: review fifteen years later.

I decided to refresh my senses. The console for the experience was kindly lent to me by a relative.

The PSP turned out to be surprisingly playable even after fifteen years. After a couple of months I caught myself thinking that I take it not as an artifact, but as an ordinary companion like a phone or headphones. There is and there is.

Among the games that came out on the PSP – spin-offs of the recognizable series (GTA , Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid and others), ports and remakes (for example, MediEvil and Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles) and exclusive projects (say, Patapon or Loco Roco). Also, of course, hundreds of assorted Japanese RPGs.

At the moment, I’m playing Sid Meier's Pirates! – falls into the category of “good port” (pun unintentional). By the way, expect a review.

Even after so many years the battery is great, it lasts for hours. I play a little on the road, so for me it is some number of days without recharging.

There are also challenges, for example a weak screen . In the sun (although where do you get the sun) you can hardly see anything – we suffered from this fifteen years ago. But at one time the screen was completely sufficient for both games and video, but at the moment on a screen of this size and resolution I can not see anything, sometimes I play blind.

Not a complaint, but just a funny observation that from time to time reminds of age: PSP already can not connect to Wi-Fi with modern options, she does not understand the protocol WPA2. But that’s not a setback, the web has never been of any use to me in these months.

Returning to the retro is often disappointing: things are no longer as beautiful and fun as remembered. This one was different. The old PSP once again dwarfed my expectations.

And you, the reader, had a PSP? What’s your story with the console? Tell us in the comments.

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