Man, according to A. James, is the master of the situation even in the most difficult circumstances. And he himself can be a source of inspiration, strength and success for himself. It is a mixture of philosophy, religion and psychology. Who is close to and likes these three directions, can safely buy this book. You will love it.

The book is simple, but the Truth is in the simplicity. If someone wants to remember the basics of egocentrism, get to know their ego, but also learn to love their neighbour, then this book will suit you. If you are a follower of a religion, no matter which one, you will find it to your liking. It’s a quick read.

Here are some excerpts from it that I think are worthwhile.

"As long as men’s thoughts are not pure, the poisons of their own thoughts will poison their blood. When we have cleansed our thoughts of the filth, we shall have no desire to eat unwholesome food;

"When you complain about your destiny, it only proves that your problems are quite legitimate. You deserve such a life because you have no faith in yourself, which is the basis of all success.""

Get rid of the threadbare rags of your petty selfishness and put on the robes of universal Love. And you will attain a sense of inner harmony, which will surely be reflected in all that surrounds you.""&quot

"Disease comes to those who attract it, whose mind and body head to accept it, and bypasses those who are strong and pure in soul, whose thoughts, tuned to the positive, awaken the healing currents of life."

"The subject of your thoughts should be uplifting, so that whenever you return to it, it will inspire you."


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